Passing Renewed Inspection of SINGAO-TEX Environmental Management System and Career Health Management System2017-5-18 15:28:32

    SINGAO-TEX pays attention to the building of both enterprise management system and base. Each process of the product is under strict control to ensure the stable quality effectively. Since practicing ISO14001/OHSAS18001, the managerial level rises obviously.

   In May 2017, 4 experts from SD WorldCom quality certification Co., Ltd. came to the company for the purpose of renewal inspect for the environmental safety and career health. The company positively coordinated, and with the experts' seriousness and carefulness and 2-day’s inquiry, they confirmed the environment safety management system and career health safety management system of the company run properly. Then they all approved it. Passing this once every three years renewal inspection, Company renews its certificate smoothly.