Company held Amoeba operating training successfully2017-6-19 11:32:10

      In order to improve the management level, lift enthusiasm of all-employee’s participation, belonging sense of employees and further building positive enterprise culture environment for the purpose of full managing participation, on June 16, 2017, Qingdao SINTAO-TEX invited Mr. Want Jinggang of Zongheng Management Consultant Group in Beijing University for the training of “Amoeba Practical” to the medium and high level managerial staff. 

      Mr. Want Jinggang is the senior partner of Zongheng Management Consultant Group; Honored Principal of Amoeba Operating Innovation Institute; practicer of Haier Self-management entity; chief consultant of National Reservation System Site-management in Reform and Development Department; Teaching Mentor for  Beijing University Post-MBA training course of Leadership Skill; researcher of  Michael Porter Competitive Advantage Theory. He offered training and consultancy to a few hundreds of working units such as National Grid, Foxconn, Hongyun Honghe, Haier, National Reservation Bureau and Anshan Economic-trade. He is as well as recruited as consultant by enterprise in 500 Fortune List and industry leaders. With the exquisite professional knowledge, by the model of consultancy plus training,   having both ability and integrity, careful work, he’s adorned by many clients.

      Mr. Want Jinggang carried a wonderful Amoeba practical training for the present medium and high level managerial staff and explained the Amoeba practical theory systematically. He gave explanations on personnel placement, duty and profit calculation, interweaving a lot of practices and pointed out how to face all kinds of challenges under the reforming background specifically, how to stimulate organization vigor to respond quickly to market demand. Mr.Wang’s speech is meaningful and helpful in reference, besides provoked the presenters’ thoughts and built solid foundation for enterprise’s value re-building and transformation and upgrade.