Long-term and deep cooperation with Qingdao University, say Functional Fabric research and development Center, has been set up by the company for key technology upgrade in household texture. The Center occupies 310m2, and is equipped with weaving double-side machine, tape cutter, sewing machine, instant 8-basket oven, washing-machine following EU Standard, Shrieking Oven, Wet-inspector, Static-water Inspector, formaldehyde Analystor, wash-machine following American Standard and international washing-machine etc. The total is over 60 sets with value of RMB2.3million. It can complete inspection and control from raw material to finished products to meet all standards as well as customer’s request.

   As to the technologist team building, the company recruits and breeds talents by cooperation with QD University, Texture Inspection Station of QD, Texture Engineering Committee of QD. It recruits 1 Taishan Scholar, 2 Professors and 3 Assistant Professors. It empowers the research and development and on the other hand, by training and education, the technologist team has been improved and made up the difference of each personnel in the team. The high-level technologist team with age diversity has been formed.

     Since the establishment of the technical center, great effect has been achieved: 12 patents for utility and 1 project for National Science-tech Department, 1 scientific project in Qingdao, 11 Enterprise Tech-innovation Key Projects and 1 Science Progress in Qingdao have been carried out. In which 1 technical achievement is regarded as international advanced. The enterprise gains titles of national Hi-tech, Qingdao Enterprise Technological Center and Qingdao Professional, Essential, Unique and New Model Enterprise.